Why you should wear sunglasses while driving

There’s no better place to rock out to your favorite jams than in the comfort of your own car. However, while you’re driving in the sunshine you run the risk of actually being blinded by the light, which could put you in a dangerous situation. So before you cruise off into the sunset, be sure to grab a pair of shades. Fortunately, wearing sunglasses while driving is an easy way to avoid uncomfortable eyestrain and increase your safety on the road. In this blog by Invision Optical, we talk about some of the benefits of wearing sunglasses while you drive. 

What should I look for when buying sunglasses?

UV, or ultraviolet, protection should be the top priority. No matter what the color of the lens, the most important factor is to make sure your sunglasses block 99-100% of both UV-A and UV-B rays. Buyers should look for sunglasses labeled ‘UV 40’. You should also choose lenses that are polarised. They reduce glare from reflective surfaces like glass or polished metal.

What colour of lense is the best for driving?

Tints are applied to lenses to help absorb light as it passes through. It is best to consider amber, neutral grey, brown or green colour lenses. Grey lenses reduce brightness but do not distort colour. Blue glasses are not suitable for driving, while yellow sunglass lenses are really good for sharpening up images, but causes more colour distortion. Brown lenses reduce glare sufficiently well, including absorbing the blue frequency of light in the sun’s rays, which makes your surroundings seem hazy.

Should I wear anti-glare sunglasses?

They are better because they protect you from sunlight reflecting off surfaces of tinted lenses, cars with a shiny metallic body, mirrors and so on when the sun is behind you. Anti-glare helps you when driving at night as well.

Can sunglasses protect my eye health while driving?

When you drive on bright days, the amount of light reaching your retina can be very high. In fact, the retina may not be able to close enough to reduce the amount of light entering your eye. That’s why people squint when they’re driving in bright sunlight, but squinting can take its toll, causing headaches and nausea. Wearing sunglasses can prevent these problems by filtering out bright lights to keep your eyes comfortable.

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