Glasses at Invision Optical

Are you aware that 75% of adults need some sort of corrective lens for their eyes? About 64% of those wear glasses! One of the most common worries about getting glasses is the fear of what people will think. Learning about the benefits may be just what you need to keep a positive mind, and will hopefully relieve any worried thoughts you have about wearing prescription eyeglasses on a daily basis. When getting fitted for glasses at Invision Optical, you can have confidence knowing that you are in the best hands. Our optometrists are highly trained and very experienced in giving eye exams, and with our large selection of quality branded frames and lenses, you can walk out of our doors with a pair of glasses that fit your face, style, budget, and correct your vision issues! Read on for more information about how prescription glasses work.

How do prescription glasses work?

At the back of the eye, the retina reacts to light. When you look at something, the light focuses inside the eye. People who don’t need prescription eyeglasses, or those with perfect vision, experience the light as it focuses directly on the retina’s surface. Both the pupil and cornea shrink, focus, and curve the image, making it possible for your brain to interpret the image correctly. If there is any unevenness or irregularities with the pupil or cornea, the image will appear blurry. When the light focuses in front of the retina, the person is nearsighted. This means that distant things appear blurry. When the light focuses behind the retina, the person is farsighted, meaning things up close appear blurry. Prescription eyeglasses have curved lenses that help light focus on your retina, convex for nearsighted individuals, and concave for farsighted. Our optometrists at Invision Optical can test your vision and determine what kind of prescription you will need.

Should you go with contacts? Or glasses at Invision Optical?

Perhaps you have the choice between contacts or prescription eyeglasses, and you aren’t sure why one would be considered better over the other. Prescription eyeglasses offer some great benefits when compared to contacts. In addition to less cleaning and maintenance, wearing prescription eyeglasses is ultimately cheaper in the long run and decreases the risk of eye infections, due to less touching of the eyes.

What do we offer at Invision Optical?

When you are in need of an eye exam or glasses, it makes the most sense to visit us at Invision Optical. We provide professional services and products that our clients can have confidence in. Some of our services for glasses include:

  • A large selection of frames, giving you more options to choose from
  • Designer eyeglasses from some of the most well-known and trusted brands
  • Lenses tailored to your vision needs
  • Affordable contact lenses

For more information about getting glasses at Invision Optical, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.