Are Iphone powered eye exams becoming the future in optometry?


As far as technology has come with optometry over the years, there is always room for improvement, and new technology is always being discovered and introduced into the industry. If you have ever been to an eye doctor, you are most likely pretty familiar with the big clunky machine that is used to have patients peer through and read a chart of letters that decrease in size. This process is in for a pretty substantial overhaul that would make it quicker, smaller, and more efficient for both the patient and the doctor. A New York based company called Smart Vision Labs has developed new technology that allows an eye exam to be completed in just a few minutes without the need for assistance from a doctor in-person. Smart Vision was launched for use in optometrist offices in 2016, and has since found its way into 50 stores.

Smart Vision and how it works:

First, the program will ask you a series of questions about your vision and your vision history. Then, the program will run through a series of 3 tests: visual acuity test (the letters on that chart that decrease in size), pupillary distance test, and refraction error management test. The whole test pretty much just requires that you start straight forward, and it does the rest of the work. Thirdly, once your testing has concluded, the information is compiled and analyzed by the program, and sent to the optometrists and ophthalmologists that have been contracted by Smart Vision Labs. Finally, in about 24 hours, your prescription results are sent to you via email. The whole process is very simple and easy, and this new technology is allowing optometrists more time to put towards other aspects of research and patient care, and allows patients to come in for a quick and simple test, that does not take up much time in their days.


This new technology that Smart Vision Labs has developed is a combination of old and new. They have focused most of their technology improvements on the refraction error test, because this exam, that tests the shape of your eyes to determine what of prescription you will need to correct your vision, has been performed by such a large, clunky, an outdated piece of equipment, and is overdue for a much cheaper and more portable alternative. The technology has been adapted from what doctors use in Lasik surgery, which helps to correct people’s vision issues.

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