Getting Night-Vision Capabilities With Your Current Pair Of Glasses

Your mind is about to be blown! The future is here, and it is bringing new possibilities that we could never even imagine. We’ve all seen war movies, or spy movies that utilize night-vision goggles that the subject uses to see their targets in the dark or at night. Pretty sweet gadget, and very effective. What if we told you that this same technology may be able to be applied to your everyday glasses…pretty cool right? And yes, this is for real.

Invision Optical has come across a rather innovative technology advancement, and we’d like to share it with our valued customers. Scientists in Australia have been able to design nanocrystals that can be used to create night-vision glasses that can be affixed to your everyday glasses. One of the researchers who has been working on this advancement in wearable technology is Dr. Mohsen Rahmani, and he has been quoted in saying that, “current night vision glasses utilize a combination of optics and electronics, and convert photons to electricity. Nanocrystals can transfer high intensity light and create powerful light beams that combined with a laser, can project a holographic image in modern displays.”

Scientists from the Australian National University were able to figure out that they could design a nanocrystal that is 500 times smaller than a human hair, that can turn total darkness into visible light. Essentially creating a piece of technology that replaces the current heavy and awkward to use night-vision goggles.

It is believed that these nanocrystals can be applied to everyday glasses as a thin film, that will then enable the same functions as night-vision goggles. Other functions of these night-vision nanocrystals could be for spotting counterfeit money, medical applications, and eventual hologram technology.

As the future rapidly approaches us, new advancements are being discovered and created every day. Invision Optical came across a cool one, and wanted to share it with our valued customers!


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