Kanye Shutter Shades


Would you rock a pair of these iconic Kanye West inspired shutter sunglasses?

Fashion is what defines the basic body language of someone and sunglasses are an integral part of that fashion. While aviators, wayfarers are common brands of sunglasses, shutter shades seem quite out of the lot and exceptional in terms of design. Like louvered windows with horizontal slats, Shutter shades are basically louvered sunglasses that most commonly come in white shades. Kanye West is a notable celebrity who popularized shutter shades the most. He promoted the shutter shades design to such an extent that French-Armenian sunglasses designer, Alain Mikli, made a customized shutter shade for him that came to be known as the Kanye shutter shade.
How Kanye shutter shades are different from common shutter shade glasses?
Kanye West has surely contributed a lot to the world of youth fashion by wearing customized brands that most couldn’t even think of. The Kanye shutter shades mentioned above is no different. First seen in his own rap music video, ‘Stronger’, Kanye shutter shades are diagonal as compared to common horizontal shade designs. Since then, popular eyewear fashion companies have been branding their shutter shades as Kanye shutter shades to refer to the popular diagonal style West boasts.
Kanye shutter shades to some are a clownish look lacking in subtle sophistication. However that is the very point of Kanye wearing them In the first place. As an artist Kanye’s attitude is to be loud nd outspoken and this is seen in his fashion statements. His choice of clothing and style are loud and bring attention to him. When you buy a pair of Kanye shutter shades, make sure you have the right apparel to synchronize with the glasses. As the shades are generally in white, wearing something white or light in color would go great with the shutter shades, and if you are still unsure what to wear, why not have a look at Kanye West’s fashion statements before wearing his shutter shades!

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