Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses: Look More Unique Than Recent Sunglasses

There were many cool designs of glasses that came out from the 50s and through the 70s eras. Brands of sunglasses like polaroid, foster grant, and cool ray designed great designs that were well received by a younger market in those times. This young market loved to collect these sun glasses and would have no problem wearing them out in public despite their loud appearances.

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Have a look at the picture of the foster grant sunglasses that were made available in 1968. If you look at the top of the glasses you’ll notice the protruding edges at the top of the frames, this was often a signature design feature of the Foster Grant sunglasses at the time. Many celebrities would often wear these designs to runway shows or feature them in popular films.

Another popular design of the vintage days, were the square and round sunglasses that can be seen below. These two shaped designed frames were actually a fashion item of the era if you can believe it. Other high end brands at these times were Pierre Marly, Oliver Goldsmith, and Tura. In the olden times designers who took risks to make unique designs were often rewarded. Contemporary sunglasses are more subtle now and black is the color often used in fashion. However to a vintage collector there are still lots of prizes to be found should you want to seek out rare vintage glasses that serve to be a reminder of those times.

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vintage sunglasses oakville