Glasses Oakville


Glasses Oakville

Looking to get Glasses in Oakville? Then Invision Optical is the way to go! Before you decide to purchase your glasses at our store we thought we could share some interesting facts about Glasses.

  1. Although people typically call them Glasses, most of the lenses that are being used today are in fact made of plastic to prevent any breaking, major scratching, and to keep them light.
  2. Over 20% of the world needs some form of glasses for their day to day activities!
  3. Back in the day, Pirates believed in the notion that instead of wearing glasses, having a golden earring would help improve your eyesight more.
  4. Many people do believe that low-level lighting can damage your eyes which is not true. If you have good lighting while you’re reading or playing games, it is actually best for your eyes because it will reduce eye tiredness.
  5. One common mistake is that people believe after wearing glasses that you will be dependent on them. This is definitely not true, as your eyes are only getting used to wearing glasses.

Love our blog posts or have questions about getting a pair of Glasses in Oakville? Come by our location during our regular office ours and speak with a licensed professional about what will best suit you! Invision Optical can also do eye tests to see where and how your vision needs to be corrected.